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The new MAN TGX D38 - efficiency meets performance

The new Euro 6c D3876 engines from MAN are designed for the most demanding transport tasks. The core element is the 15.2 litre, six-cylinder inline engine. This power unit represents outstanding performance and power delivery which extends the MAN engine range (by the HP ratings) from 150hp to 640hp.

MAN's new D38 engine range provides ideal power for heavy-duty and long-haul transport; featuring power and torque - 540hp/2700Nm, 580hp/2900Nm and 640hp/3000Nm. Maximum torque available as low as 900 rpm with maximum power at a rated speed of 1400 rpm. For those customers often transporting high gross train weights, the TGX D38 engines offer a fascinating combination of excellent transport capacity and cost efficiency. For routes that place maximum topological demands on their trucks, the new TGX D38 engines provide enduring power reserves on the toughest gradients, with the focus on low level fuel consumption too.

The new MAN D38 Engine Range features:

Steel Pistons - for the high ignition pressures of up to 250 bar with optimised combustion and reduced friction on cylinder wall

Anti-Polishing ring - minimising undesirable carbon deposits in the engine oil

Top Down cooling - provides an efficient and even cooling output avoiding localised hot spots and thermal stresses

Domed valves - minimising wear on valve seats

Common Rail injection system - 3rd generation with pressures up to 2500 bar for extremely fine atomisation and more efficient combustion

Charge Air system - high efficiency charge air cooling with a separate low temperature cooling system. Two stage turbo concept reduces the demand and load on individual turbochargers

Two stage EGR - exhaust gas is cooled via two separate coolers (1 high temp and 1 low temp cooler) the system is very efficient at reducing the nitrogen oxide during combustion

Lightweight construction - compact design and low weight influenced by the choice of materials with the improved acoustics from the cobweb like ribbing on the sump